Sustainable Agility, Leadership and Enterprise Transformation

Enterprise Coach

Sandeep Joshi

An accomplished executive, transformation leader, and entrepreneur with a successful track record of leading enterprise transformations across industries. Expert in sustainable business strategies, digital transformation, and culture transformation.

Extensive experience in Finance, Insurance, Telecom, and Retail industry verticals. Led, Delivered, and Coached Digital, Consumer, Institutional/ Corporate banking product development, consulting, infrastructure operations, technology innovations, and building high performing engineering teams.

How May I Help You?

Reach out if you need help or advise on Leadership Coaching, Strategy Advisory, and Agile Transformations

DevOps Strategy

Creating your DevOps strategy is a super complex topic. The DevOps Strategy Canvas provides a structured approach. Getting the details in sequence and order is weeks worth of work. Get in touch if you are looking for advice & support in getting your DevOps Strategy Canvas done.

Leadership Coaching

There are tons of leadership coaching available in the market. Choosing the right approach between training, coaching and learning is both art and science.


Product Coaching

Are you working on a Digital Product? Unsure how to engage, prioritize, measure, and create the required rhythm. Get in touch.

Community Give Back

Sustainable Agile Community and DevOps Strategy Canvas are my contributions to the community. If you are looking for a speaker or panel member for your local meetups or conferences, I am happy to help with my community give back commitment.

Also, if you are passionate about the sustainable agile community or manifesto, do reach out. I am more than happy to collaborate and take the community forward.