Yoga and Weight Reduction

Today morning I was watching Yog Camp at New Jercey coducted by Swami Ramdev on “Aastha” TV channel. It was a wonderful experience. I enjoyed the show and also tried Yoga while watching it. The feeling is unforgettable. Swami Ramdev was also telling some of the techniques to reduce weight and to avoid in-digestion. One of them was the “Dalia – (Thick Soup)” option. He told you create a mixture of 500gm Wheat, 500gm Rice, 500 gm Bajara and 500 gm Moong. Grind it a little bit thick. In the mixture add 50 gm Ajvayan and 50 gm white Tilli. Everyday prepare the Dalia with this mixture (50gm) and Water (500ml) and take it as breakfast as well as before dinner. This will reduce your weight and also the acidity. Seems like totally hygeanic. I will try this and you also try the same.

Enjoy a great health…

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