Work Vs Life balance

It’s a big question? Specially in IT industry. Targets, Goals, Competetion and Performance… Everything revolves around these buzzwords. As a professional, so many of us work on various projects, meet different people, work for various clients and prepare vaious plans. But when it comes to our own life, very few or even less than 0.5% of the people have plans for their life. If you ask them, do you have a long term/short term goal for yourself? Many of them, will give you a very enthusiatic answer – “Yes, I have a long term goal that I want to ….”. (So much talk) .

Lets ask him/her, okay dear how you are going to achieve your goal? What are your plans?  You will be getting answers like – ” Oh its too early to make a plan?” “I am not able to think on it as of now” and so and so. What does this mean? So many of us just blindly doing a job just because they want to have one. They even don’t know what they are good at or what they can do better?

My point is in order to achieve Work Vs Life balance, you have to define success for you. Success has different meaning for every other person. If you are able to define it in your own terms, you got the key of life i.e. Happiness. Happiness should be the policy of your day to day life. You should feel happy about what you do. It’s not easy though not impossible. Search for your inner sense and ask following questions to yourself:

1. Are you happy with what you are doing?

2. Are you good at what you are doing?

3. Is there something else that can give you more satisfaction than this?

4. Is this in anyway related to your goal?

Once you answer these questions, I hope you will be able to figure out what you want in life. And that point onward, you will begin relating your work more positively with your life.

This are my personal views and I believe it doesn’t make any offence to any real entity in this world.


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