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Marketplace now open for Mango app submission 
Microsoft is now accepting and certifying Mango apps through the App Hub! This means that new and existing titles optimized for Windows Phone 7.5 have begun publishing. This is not to say that Mango will arrive on existing devices in the coming days.
 Learn more about getting your great Mango apps to market.

Read about publishing an update to your existing apps.

Windows Phone SDK 7.1 RC Now Available
Use the new WPSDK 7.1 Release Candidate (RC) to publish your app to the Marketplace. The RC provides a dramatic boost to getting great Windows Phone apps to market quickly – regardless of if you’re targeting Windows Phone 7 or Mango devices. The RC includes such tools as the WP app profiling tools to quickly identify performance bottlenecks and memory leaks, and the Marketplace Test Kit to enable you to run the Marketplace technical certification tests on your local machine. For a run-down on what’s in the RC, check out the App Hub announcement.

New Windows® Phone Marketing Kit for Publishers Now Available
You’ve built a great app – now you need to market it. The Windows Phone Marketing Kit for Marketplace App Publishers is now available on App Hub. This easy to use toolkit is designed to help you start promoting your Windows Phone app in all your marketing activities and on your website.

What you’ll find in the toolkit:

  • Microsoft Logo, Button and Icon Guidelines for Windows® Phone Marketplace Application Developers
  • Windows® Phone Logos
  • Start screen (in lockup with chassis)
  • Windows Phone Chassis
  • Download for Windows Phone Buttons (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish)
  • Windows Phone Icon to denote that application is for Windows Phone
  • PSD file with sample banner

Get started marketing your Windows Phone app today!

Application compatibility testing in ‘Mango’
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