What’s your Productivity Debt Index?

#productivity is not an independent measure. It is a compound outcome, no matter the level you are trying to gauge it at – individual, team, product, or business.

We all are navigating through a super volatile POST-COVID business environment. With cost optimization pressures kicking in many leaders are tempted to measure individual productivity along with other areas of focus.

Over the last few months, I have been researching the key ingredients and elements of this puzzle and learned a great deal about how various companies and firms tried to solve it. There is no single metric that can define “individual productivity” holistically. This leads to an interesting and unavoidable question – how can we measure individual productivity?

My proposal is using reverse psychology to get the answers. Instead of measuring productivity, measure what’s stopping or blocking it. I call it Productivity Debt and measure it using the Productivity Debt Index (PDI).

In the coming days, I plan to publish the details around PDI and how your organization can adopt it. Stay tuned!


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