US Recession – How will you pay your EMI???

The fire is started. It is little far from where you can experience it. Sooner or later you will feel the heat in your bally. IT industry is going through the cost-cutting virus currently. There are various steps they are taking to cope up with this:
1. Reducing Travel and Daily Expenses
2. Limiting the Salary hikes and Bonus
3. Limiting on bench resources
Some of the companies – went one step ahead and did staff cutting. Imaging yourself as the one – who is fired / asked to leave today morning. How would you feel? There will be no pay cheque on 1st of the next month. How you will pay the Car Loan EMI, Credit Card Repayment, House Loan EMI and most importantly your house rent. I am not freighting you, its just one of the worst dreams which might come true in near future. Are you prepared to take charge of the situation? Do you have answers to these questions?
Think and if you feel the questions are relevant, submit your thoughts as comments.

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