Traffic Jam

In all metro cities, everyone is catching up with the problem of Traffic Jam. The place where I live in is the center of the city having a very old infrastructure. By all means it deserves to be called as Main City. Too much crowd, Non-Stop running vehicles, No parking space, No Pedestrian Path, People crossing roads every here and there and the list goes on and on…

Yesterday, there was huge rains in my area so I was floating my car in the water at roadside. At times while coming to my home, I thought of banging my horn loudly to get the side but when I saw people walking in the rain, getting wet and trying to reach there homes by every means; Suddenly, a thought came in my mind and I stopped myself from doing so. The thought was when I was walking through the road last Friday and it was raining; someone in a Car bang the horn at me and I shouted on him. I cursed him a lot and after giving all the blessings right from my heart, I went ahead to my home. This is a common scene in our daily life. My point here is No one even bothers about these conditions. Every one is busy finding his/her way out of the traffic Jam. I have shouted the Traffic Police guys so many times because they will simply stand by the signal. Even they are not bothered who is breaking the signal. They do their job as a burden. My ask to them would be No body have come to your home to invite you to do the job, you only applied for it and wanted this job. If you are not able to do it, leave it man. There are so many others who want to do this job and they can do it better than you for sure.

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