Sustainability, Agility, and all small things that make the world a better place – The 2021 SustainAgility Conference

It’s the 1st anniversary of The Sustainable Agile Manifesto – a movement to discover better ways of working. The manifesto is a guiding light for individuals, teams, leaders, and enterprises to navigate the super VUCA world ahead of us and discover a new normal, a better world, and better earth.

I’ve been a student and proponent of sustainability since my early schooling days. Being born in a small village, I saw struggles of life up close. Whether it is the dependency on farming & farmers for our food, natural rain & rivers for our water, scarcity of electricity and so on. Also, it gave me a great foundation on understanding how you can prioritize needs of the society over your own needs when draught, flood or other natural crisis forced it upon us. Entering the corporate world, introduced me to the capitalism – the pursuit of unlimited economic growth and a view of world that cares most about being successful. Sustainability is not the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about growth & development.

As we all understand, Businesses are the backbone of economy and have a direct impact on society and planet. Great businesses have a purpose beyond simply making money, they understand their role in the ecosystem and convert the world’s problems into economic opportunities. As we look at the bigger picture, it is also important to understand the consequences of chasing profit over purpose. In the race of getting higher valuation, capturing greater market share, becoming the first to launch a product or idea (and so on) – we tend to forget that side effects.

As businesses adopt the notion of agility as a competitive advantage, it is important to find the intersection of sustainability and agility to ensure we embed sustainability at the core and not as an add-on or after-thought.  And while doing this, we also wants to ensure we consider the aspects of ways of working, psychological safety, our value systems and reality of new normal.

Our intent is to bring balance where business leaders aim for a higher purpose – that includes everyone in value chain. Creating business model that combines sustainability and agility together and in the process making the entire process sustainable.

To this effect, the Sustainable Agile Community is organizing the 2021 SustainAgility Conference where we create an environment for everyone to come together. A place where we all can learn, share and grow in our thinking and our approach towards creating a sustainable world.

With the Conference Core team volunteers, we are able to put together an exciting agenda and line of speakers and panelists. A fun-filled event with games & interactive conversations – we hope to see you all there.

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