SMS Voting Funda…

Now a days, its is becoming a craze in TV serials to have performance based shows. These shows will have 2-3 judges (renowed personalities from the field). After each perfromance they will rate the candidate. And then the candidate will do a Vote Appeal. He/She will ask you to SMS to a four digit number or call on a number for voting him/her. Based on the voting count, the winners are declared.

Here are some of the points, which I want to say :

1. What is the significance of having those judges, if your award is based on SMS Voting.
2. I am very sorry to say that I feel pity about the judges. Either they are very emotinal or they are there to make money.
3. The SMS and Calls are charged on premium rates. So the common man is loosing money and those TV channels and Mobile operators are getting more richer after every episode.

My sincere request to every one who waste money in doing SMS or call, please stop this and donate this money to some charitable org or hospital to help the man kind. Try to see the bigger picture and the actual game behind the scene.

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