Smart Decisions:

From time to time, I heard about Smart Goals. Specific, measurable,accountable, realistic and time specific Goals. Well enough. Having a goal itself is a big challenge in this world. Specially, when things are moving @ speed of thought. You never know, what will be the next. In words  of the very famous superstar Amitabh Bachachan “Jindgi prati shan vilkshan aur adhbhut hai”. In other words, the life has many colors. and they are changing very frequently. So in such a volatile environment, smart goals may not be sufficient. What I focus on is Smart Decisions. Every moment you have to decide smartly based on the circumstances.  Your decision should lead you to the path which lead to your goals. Sometimes while deciding you should think about the long term gains over short term benefits. Sometimes, it is wiser to move slower in order to run fast eventually.

If you look at the decision making process, it has three contributors : Your Thoughts, Your Needs and Your Assumptions. There is fourth component which frequestly changes your decisions i.e. Your Wish. If your wish is same as your need, you will be most happiest person once you achieve it. But in 99% cases the need and wish are 2 different things. Those who balance these two things they lead the world. They are the great leaders or Paradigm Creators.  I beleive, you have to do a SWOT analysis on yourself first. Identify your Strengths, your weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Most of the answers you will find when you list down all of these four. Remember, you have to be very honest while identifying your attributes.

Once you know yourself, you will be able to decide smartly, act smartly and live smartly.

Happy Smart Living!!!



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