Rupee Vs Dollar : The IT Effect

Today I saw an article in a leading Indian Newspaper where one of the top Indian IT player has announced 6 days a week working for its employees. The reason given was Indian Rupee’s was getting Stronger than Dollar and it is making the companies profit margin smaller. Some of the companies were talking about the utilization. They wanted to increase the utilization of the employees from X to X+5%. Some other player have stopped/ slowed new hiring and thinking to adopt OnTime hiring. Most of them reduce the on-bench resource from 15 % to 10%.

By looking at all these measures taken by IT players, some of the thoughts came to my mind like:
1. Why didn’t these companies thought of Utilization previously?
2. Will Six days a week solve this problem?
3. Is this a problem at all?
4. Do we need on-bench resources?
5. Is there a way to promote industry oriented training in colleges so the ramp-up time can be reduced?

All are great questions. I would like to get your input on the same. Please take sometime and reply to this post.

Thank you for your time.

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