My Guru – An Inspirational Story

One day a pupil of a sant asked him – Sir, you taught me the lessions of life and I am very happy with what I learnt from you. It’s time to start my own journey now and before leaving I want to know who was your Guru?

The sant smiled and told – There are millions of live spicies from whom I learnt many things and they all are my Gurus. But to simplify, I will tell you about 3 of my Gurus. My first Guru was a thief. When I was searching for a place to sit down in a village, I found him. He was trying to steal something for himself. I asked him, if he know some place where I can stay for a while. He said – “Come with me” and took me to his house. From that day, every night he used to go out and when he is back , I use to ask him – did you get something for me today? and then he would reply – “Not today. Godwilling I will get something tomorrow”. And that is where I got my first lession – ” NEVER GIVE UP”.
My second Guru was a dog. When I was going for take a bath to the river and I saw a Dog, who was very thirsty and trying to drink some water. Whenever he tried to go to the water surface, he used to see his own reflection in the water “A Bigger Dog” and he used to run away. Inspite of all fears, he used to come back and the thirst was so powerful that ultimately he jumped into the water and fear went off. The lession was – ” Inspite of all fears, you need to jump”
My third Guru was a boy. During my regular visits to the city, I saw one boy with a candle lit in his hand. I went to him and asked “before you lit the candle, there was no light. When you lit the candle there is so much light; can you tell me from where the light came?”. The boy smiles and blew off the candle and asked me – “Can you tell me where the light went?”. I was shocked and learnt a new lession that – “Never think your are knowledgeable enough. There is always something to learn”

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