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Microsoft Azure offers IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) at a competitive price. In simpler terms Infrastructure as a Service means you rent a server hardware and you pay based on agreed terms. These servers are called Azure Virtual Machines and they come in varying sizes. Given Azure Virtual Machines are bare-bone machines, you can deploy a Windows Server, Linux, or third-party software images to Azure. You can select OS images from a gallery or bring your own customized images. Microsoft charge for Virtual Machines by the minute.  Virtual Machine Pricing Details can be obtained from Microsoft’s office size at the URL below:

All virtual machines in Azure are configured with at least two disks when you create the virtual machine – one is an operating system disk and the other is a temporary local disk, sometimes called a resource disk. Temporary Local disk storage is provided with Virtual Machines and is not charged separately. The operating system disk is charged at the regular rate for Disks. To explore virtual machines configurations visit here.
Microsoft Website hosts a lot of resources on Windows Azure Virtual Machine.
Some of the links for Virtual Machine Videos for Windows Azure are as below:


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