Me, MySelf & Manasi

Its a Monday again. Starting of a new week. Though things are same. The only new thing is I am writing about my best friend, My wife- Manasi. After our marriage, it was hard time for me to concentrate on my work  as well as personal life becuase of family circumstances. Our traditional Do’s, ate a lot of our time. We couldn’t spent even a single whole week together. It was tough and disappointing. Things became worst when my aunty met an accident and passed away. I had to take a long vacation and we had gone through a phase of dark and sorrow. This created a lot of problems at work. I couldn’t deliver my best.

Inspite all those dark clouds on my head, Manasi always been with me. Standing with me to hold my hands and tell me that I am the one who can turn things up. She used to give me confidence. I was so depressed that I thought of resigning from my job. But it was she, who helped me getting out of that. Today, she is not feeling well due to cough and a bit of cold. I was not happy leaving her at home but can’t help it.

She is a wonderful woman, with lots of patience and understanding. I just want to say her that I love you very much and I’ll always. I need you in every moment of my life and I will be there with you, with you always.

Lots of Love dear… Thank you for being with me.


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