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At times it is easy to be wrapped up in our own little world. It is easy, to remain uninterested in those that we don’t personally know or have any real connection to. It is easy, just to keep going in the same tracks that you have walked in past years. It is easy no doubt! But is it Satistfying?

Why don’t we take the challenge to find out one thing that is outside our normal scope and persue making a difference. Many a people do so. So can you? My answers is “YES”.

There are so many worthy causes we can become a part of:

1. Start Donating a part of your income / clothes / books / food to an human in need.
2. Whether you have a few hours a week that you can read to an elderly resident in a nursing home or someone confined to their own. You can also visit Physically Handicapped / Mentally challenged people.
3. You can teach some slum children or the kids of your domestic help.
4. If you are going out, ask your elderly neighbour if she wants something to be fetched from the market, or if she wants a lift to the market.
5. Share Smile with someone unknow and see what you get back.
6. Know your neighbour. Exchange some dialouges. It will help you in long run.

See how satisfying it becomes, and what a difference it makes. The world is a great place to be , and we have the power to make it even greater.

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