Leadership Insomnia – 3 Steps to Growth Mindset

Leadership insomnia is a mixed state of mind. It limits leaders’ ability to function as a leader. In this state, a leader finds herself/himself bogged down with unclear objectives, conflicting priorities, and unchecked ego. It blinds the leader from ground reality and inhibits clarity of purpose! 

Know someone who is suffering from Leadership insomnia? Here are 3 simple steps you can offer as a remedy:

1. Listen More

2. Expect Less

3. Self-Reflect

Pragmatic Agile Leadership is about leading with a growth mindset – thinking less about net-worth, and more about making life worth living for self and others. #leadership #pragmatic #pragmaticagileleadership #agile #pragmaticagile #leadershipinsomnia #leadershipchallenges #leadershipeffectiveness #growth #culture #sustainable #psychologicalsafety #ideas #lifelearnings

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