Jelled Teams – Right Attitude (Positive)

Today I was attending a session which was being delivered by My PSP facilitator Mr. Ramachandaran.N.  He has explained a concept of Jelled team. To understand the concept, think of a Football team. There are 2 types of football teams:

Team Type1:
We see small teams playing in a our own colony/schools. Let’s call these teams as Teams of “SELF” Type. Observe, how they play?  You will find all of the players run behind the ball. Where ever the ball moves, all the players move along in the same direction.

Team Type2:
Think of a team who is playing the football world cup. Observe, how they play?  You will find all of the players are not running behind the ball. They have a strategy for each movement. If the ball moves in a direction, not each one will move in the same direction. Some of the players will be moving in parallel direction, some of them will move front, some of them will move behind … like that. They have predefined roles and responsibilities for each one of them. These type of teams are call as “Jelled Teams”.

A Jelled team is the result of 2 activities :

1. Team building

2. Team Strategy

There are three categories in each team :

A – Highly Positive (10%)

B- Positive (85%)

C- Negative (5%)

The dangerous of all is the C category.  These people are filled with so much of negative energy that they are not even ready to listen to you. In that case, you have to device a mechanism to motivate them and get the work done from them. They may need personal motivation based on “Position” or “Money”. You have to lure them with either of these.

While team building remember following points:

  • Each team member has got his own approach for doing the same thing.
  • Never underestimate other’s capabilities. Every human on earth has a role to play. He/She contributes to the process as equally as you do.
  • Define the roles and responsibilities clearly. Everybody’s responsibility becomes Nobody’s responsibility after sometime.

Action Items for you:

  • Identify which category you fall in?
  • Identify who in your team is in C category?
  • Try to be more positive with him/her.
  • Give more facts and avoid arguments whenever possible.


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