Is there a Social responsibility in Business as well?

Traffic sense is metro’s are going off day by day in India. People are driving crazy with all high end bikes and cars. Our infrastructure is not ready to take the load. The increased CAR-SALES is heading towards long traffic jams, high polution, more oil price and Global Warming. can you think what is the root cause?

In my opinion, the first component is the real estate boom. Every third localite who had land in any of the big cities is a millanior now. The first thing they do, after selling their land in crores; is buying a big car.
The second most influential component is the IT industry people. Most of the IT guys live in a separate world which is almost disconnected to the real world. Most of the IT guys are aged between 20-30 year. They are either bachelor or have tiny families. Almost 85% of this population thinks that they can get service if they pay the money. They also assume if something is highly costly, it will have good quality. Most of them never validate the prices before buying anything and also they don’t prefer to bargain.

And what is happening because of this? – Business is going profitable. Think of a global jeans brand. What do you think? they import the clothes for you in India? NOOOOOOO. The clothes are made by local vendors or made in local unit using local raw threads. But Yes Offcourse the TAG qulaity is maintined though.

Who is responsible for the increased CAR SALES? – it’s the BANKs. The bankers now providing Car loan without much headache. You can get a car for as small as 1000/- down payment.

After reading this till here you must be thinking what I am trying to say here?

I just want to convey here to all that Start living in the real world friends. Realize your social responsibility. Stop paying more for what is not worth. Ask for valid reasons. Think from the perspective of a common man even if you have enough of wealth. Make this earth a better place to live.

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