Is it really tough to get a job?

From the vary beginning of my career, I used to interact with people from different backgrounds, different skills, different courses with different experiences. One this was common to all : Job Search. Those who already have a job, want to change their job in order to get salary hike or better position. Those who are freshers, struggling to get an entry level position. They have same sort of questions for me. The most frequently asked question is Where can I find a good job me? Tell me the company’s Job Email?

I used to reply in a very diplomatic way as I do today as well. My answer is Every company is having a good job for you, if you have proper skill set. Specially for freshers, I recommand that they should focus on learning the basics of subjects that they learn during the degree course. In colleges, students study only to get good grade pointers/percentage. Nobody cares about how much they have learned the subject? Project presentations or external Vi-a-Va is just like formalities. Students are never bothered about the quality of work and learnings that they should take from the exercise. In a nutshell, you have all the things around you. The missing thing is your focus.

I know it is hard for a fresher, to find a job off-campus. There can be multiple reasons like you are not having qualifying percentage or you are not having the appropriate skills. Still, there are ways, which can get a job as a fresher. First thing is prepare a true resume which reflects what you know, your strengths and your skills.  Don’t just copy and paste the resume of your friend. The resume should be written by you. Once you done with your resume, you have to start submitting to various websites. The moment you get a mail about any kind of opening that suits your profile, send your resume immediatly. Most of the times, you loose you candidature becuase of timeline. As a fresher, don’t try to priviledge yourself with criterias like “Oh, this company is too small, I can’t work here”. Remember, when started IBM and Microsoft was also small companies. They grown big with time. So, don’t bind yourself with preassumptions. Believe me , getting a job is very easy. Only thing is, you have to concentrate on it. For sometime, forget everything and focus fully on job. The world is full of people, who will discourage you. But never get down, It you and only you who can get a job for yourself.

So beleive in yourself and start with full passion. I know you can do it.



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