Is a onsite trip an additional credential?

From the very start of the IT boom (when I was in School), I saw people going abroad especially to US and UK for doing the IT work. Those IT birds were given a special status in the society. Their parents , friends and even the teachers used to feel proud about it. I was also one of those ambitius aspired IT engineers who used to dream to go onsite and earn that status. When I first went onsite – I realized the truth. There is no fun in being onsite. It’s just another place where you are still working as an employee and you are bound to do the work that your employer asks you to do.
Recently, while searching a groom from my sister-in-law, we came across few profiles where the parents were very aprehensive about their child’s onsite visit. They were using that as an additional qualification.
I am writing this blog post for all those who are onsite currently, or willing to travel onsite. My message to them is – You are still an employee getting a secondary treatment in some other country away from your home. If you call it fun, then that’s okay. For me it is a punishment. And I can not treat this as an additional qualification or credential.
I enjoy being “Swadeshi”.

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