HP TouchPad $99 US Deals in Singapore

HP TouchPad $99 US Deals in Singapore 


The HP TouchPad fire sale proves something most people should have known: the world wants a great $100 tablet, and what doesn’t sell at $400 (or even $300) will go like gangbusters if it’s marked down by 75 percent.

There’s no down side to buying a TouchPad right now. Even just for Web browsing, even just for email, the TouchPad so thoroughly spanks anything else in its price range that buying one is a no-brainer for anyone into gadgets. It has the specs of a respectable $400 tablet, and rough edges don’t seem so rough when you’re paying so little. If you’re curious about what you’ll do with a $99 HP TouchPad, here are 10 suggestions.

The TouchPad 4G fire sale doesn’t show a way forward for most other manufacturers, though, because it’s unsustainable. HP is taking a major loss on every unit here, and the company doesn’t seem to be hoping to make any of that back.

I was wondering if the HP TouchPad $99 Deal will be available in Singapore too and was searching the web since last Friday like crazy. I searched up all the links and couldn’t find anything on this topic. So I called the HP Customer Care in Singapore and guess what – they said they have stopped selling this item in Singapore starting last Friday.

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