How much I am worth?

Did you ever ask yourself this simple question?  Most of us believe in that everyone of us is worth much more than what we are getting now.

If you reply more honestly, more answers will turn on the negative side. Before going in to this argument, I would like to highlight the question that you must have got in your mind by now and that is “How I calculate my worth?”.

To calculate your own worth, I propose a very simple formula here. The formula is described in following steps:

1. Forget that you are an employee. (for this exercise at least)

2. Think yourself as an employer.

3. Think of a requirement in your company for a job that you are doing now.

4. Now decide how much you want to pay the other person that you have just planned to hire for your own company.

5. Match “What you are getting” with ” What you estimated for the other person”.

6. Do you see a difference here.

I bet you will definitely find a difference. That is because you have calculated the figure being realistic.

Think on my point once again… You will find that you need to return more to your company that you are doing right now.  By more I mean you are capable of doing so many things but you have restricted yourself to the job role specification. Come out of your cave and do something extra today..

Happy Working Boss….

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