Happy Diwali & Eid Mubarak

This is festival season in India. The festival of light – Diwali will be celebrated on 21st Oct 2006. This is the biggest Hindu festival we have in India which is celebrated by everyone. Lots of sweet, lots of new clothes and lot of crackers… This is all what Diwali means to the youth. However, the hidden message from this festival is to remove the darkness from the world and enlight the whole world with humanity and prosperity. This message needs to be circulated in the bloodline of each and every person to remove poverty and crime from the world. As a symbol of commitment, everyone should light at least one candle on 21st OCT 2006.

We have lined up the Eid soon after Diwali on 25th Oct. Which is again a Muslim festival celebrated across India by everyone. Though these festivals are tied up with cast and culture, the celebration is not limited. Everyone enjoys both. I myself used to celebrate Eid with my friends – Imran & Mukram. We used to eat Sheer-E-Khurma ( a special type of sweet) a lot. Specially hugging each other and saying “Eid Mubarak” is something which we used to enjoy.

I wish a very happy and prosperous Diwali & Eid for the entire mankind.



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