Group Meeting Minutes : 5th Feb 2005

Hi All,

Thank you for the participation in group meeting. Today we had a group meeting total 10 members were there. Congratulation to those who have got the goodies and best luck for all the non attendees for the next time.

Everybody got some goodies. Here is the list of goodies:

1 . Sonal Vishanav: MSDN Magazine + MS Academic resource Kit CD

2. Kamlesh Tailor : Ineta T-Shirt + TEchEd Academic CD + MSDN Magazine

3. Nishant Dubey : Ineta T-Shirt + MSDN Magazine + Intel APP Perfromance CD

4. Sandeep Sharma : .NET Asia Magazine + Visual Studio 2005 Beta CD

5. Jeevan Anjana : Ineta T-Shirt

6. Amit Verma : .NET Asia Magazine + TechAd Asia 2004 CD

7. Hemant Soni : .NET Asia Magazine + Intel APP Perfromance CD

8. Sanjay Jadam : MSDN Magazine + Intel APP Perfromance CD

I would like to thanks INETA and Community Coordinator to send us the goodies. We are organizing Seminar in Institute of Computer Science and Electronics(ICSE) Indore in the coming week. We will be distributing goodies in the seminar as well. In the meeting we have started a series of C#.NET presentations. The Seminars will be conducted at CLT every Sunday from 10 to 11:30. The Entry is Free.

For Tomorrow the topic is : C# – Introduction and C# Vs. VB.NET

Presentor : Mr. Amit Verma

I am looking forward to hear from you.

Thanks and Regards

Sandeep Joshi

UG Leader

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