Flying to Chicago from India – The Lufthansa Experience

Traveling from India to US is always a tiring journey. On the top of it if its a Lufthansa flight, you are completely done. No personal entertainment in economy class and the food is just okay. I hope someone from Lufthansa read my blog someday and can drive the improvements in-flight as well as in the complete check-in process. I have a Frequent Flyer status with this airlines and while check-in, there was no differentiation from the crew members. They have a very rough treatment and the ticket counter guy, asked me to remove items from my hand-bag. Ideally when you travel with your wife, other airlines provide the facility of companion check-in, where both of your baggage can be checked in a single shot. But with Lufthansa the case was bit different. They staff asked me to check-in the baggage separately for both and that played the trick.

I am doubting my next trip with Lufthansa having this experience.

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