Expectations Vs Evaluation

One of my best friends has an interview scheduled today with one of the companies in Hyderabad. I received him from Airport yesterday night and after having food & some relax; we shared so our thoughts regarding the current industry trends and employee expectations. He works in system programming area especially telecom industry. He has given me a huge list of companies who are paying excellently even though the size is very less. His views were very clearly indicating that talent is getting money from the business in small companies. I had the similar views and I experienced the same in my career. I know that small companies are the symbol of growth while the big companies are the symbol of stability. You need to select one. Stability may lead to laziness and sometimes in huge unproductiveness. This harms the company as well the employee growth.

There are so many employees who are just born to be employee. There ultimate aim is to continue /extend the job as long as possible. They will do time pass while they are in office. In any company you will find almost 60-70% people like this. Big organizations will have them and would add more like this. (why? – To get support & mantanence stuff). Small companies can’t afford to have any unproductive employee.

There is a seperate type of employee, who want to work, work and work more for the Org. He wants to grow the company and grow himself. They are the rest 30% of the company. They are actully the force /power behind the show. They expect a lot from the company becuase they do a lot for it. This type is the first choice of small companies & big companies. The only difference is big companies usually fail to retain this crowd becuase of defined & constrained growth model. While small companies go one step ahead and meet the expectations of this crowd and keep the show running and business growing.

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