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I saw the much awaited movie “Don” on very first day of its release. I was very surprised to see that the theater was not housefull. From the very beginning to the end I was struggling to relate myself with the movie. Though, King Khan did a good job, he failed to produce the same effect as BigB did long back. May be I was expecting too much!!!

One point is very clear – Nobody can immitate bigB. I must admit, the shooting location and Dance sequences are very good and sound effects are fantastic.

Still, I don’t see a reason to watch it second time. I felt that bollywood started remixing movies after the very successful song-remixes buzz.

Shahrukh Fans.. Don’t hate me becuase of what I have written. I feel that I owe you all a true feedback becuase I spent my money and time.

Cheers & Enjoy!!!

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