Cousins (1989) Vs Kabhi Alvida Na Kahna(2006)

I was watching the movie Cousins (1989) on Oxygen TV this Saturday morning. While I was watching this movie, I was trying to recollect scenes, sequences and story of “Kabhi Alvida na Kahna“. I compared both the movies and finally come to the conclusion that KANK is the Indian remake of this movie. I feel its only the dialogs and star cast which are changed. Even If you translate the dialogs, you will find them the same at most of the places. Karan Johar could have done better. I enjoyed this movie much better than KANK. While watching KANK, I was continuosly blamming Karan Johar for making such a stupid movie on a very sincere subject of extra marital affairs. That was quite a boring. And becuase of it I was not looking forward to see Rani Mukhrjee or SRK/ Jr. Bachhan/Preity Jinta to see in any of the Advertisements on the TV. But watching the movie Cousine was totally different. You feel you are a part of the movie and you enjoy it.
If you get time, watch the movie Cousins sometime, you will agree to what I am saying.

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