Choosing between Sony Xperia Z2 vs HTC One (M8) – Practical tips

In this post, I am sharing my experience with Samsung devices and my most recent purchase of Sony Xperia Z2. 

It was the time for me to purchase a new mobile phone and
I have been reading the comparison websites to upgrade my mobile phone. There are tons of resources on comparison between Samsung S5 vs HTC M8 vs Sony Xperia Z2 and many other phones which are either not released or rumored at this point. All of these articles or blog posts list all the specs, list of videos and in summary offers no real conclusion as to which phone you should buy. It is like giving all options by telling everything they know but I couldn’t find why these articles were called as expert reviews or expert comparisons. I find it no more than Wikipedia of phones which are available earlier than the phone brochure. So to start with, firstly I will share some background on why I didn’t consider Samsung Galaxy S5 and then dwell into the decision factors of choosing Xperia Z2 over other phones.

Some background on why I did not consider Samsung S5

I have been an avid Samsung Fan and used their products from mobile phones, smart tv and even a laptop machine (which I still own). I found the products are innovative in terms of features but the overall experience with Samsung Post Sales Service was below average so far. From a mobile phone point of view, I owned S3 in past. I happen to break the LCD screen (few crakes) and my journey with Samsung Post sales service started. I had to visit the Samsung Care Center at least 3 times and the price of replacing the LCD was ridiculously high. I gave up my S3 (throw away) and purchased a brand new Galaxy S4. All was going smooth and except few minor complaints about speed/slowness lately. It was working well but one fine day all of a sudden the screen went blank. I was thrilled (in a negative way) to go to Samsung Care Center. I had to wait for 1+ hour for my queue number and they finally took the device (given 3 days to come back). I received a call from their executive telling me that the phone will cost $780 to repair. It was shocking to know as the brand new S4 is coming for less than $750 with one year warrantee. It was seriously a joke to accept the repair cost. I asked them not to repair the handset and that was the moment, I lost hope in Samsung quality & service. I decided not to continue with Galaxy S5 for whatever they offer.

My options were HTC M8 or Sony Xperia Z2

I was awaiting for the launch dates for HTC M8 eagerly but Xperia Z2 was not top on my list. I kept on checking Starhub and SingTel websites for announcements on either of the phones. SingTel announced Sony Xperia Z2 with a Smart Watch on offer – that was a cool offer but sold out in minutes after launch. I tried all my luck to get it registered online without success. As of today, I see following on their website:

“Due to overwhelming response, the Sony Xperia™ Z2 is sold out island-wide.
But don’t worry, we would like to help! Call our Telesales Consultants at
6536 8536 (9am-9pm) now to provide us your details and we will arrange free delivery for you once stocks are available. In addition, the first 1,000 customers to make a reservation will receive a Sony SmartBand worth $138!

For customers who have successfully pre-ordered, stand to win a pair of VIP Hospitality Package to catch the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ Semi-Finals in Brazil, all expenses paid!

The price plans looks competitive and for a new phone on a plus plan I was paying $88 which is much lesser than Samsung S5 ($229) – $141 more for same plan, different phone.

On April 5th 12:00 AM, I also got to see the HTC M8 price plans from Singtel at For HTC M8 – the price difference for the one time payment was $118 – $30 = $80 from Sony Xperia Z2.
So – In order to decide between the M8 and Z2, I started to search for a good review based on features. I found it at HardwareZone itself. Here is the link:
For me, now it was the turn to find out a review for Sony Xperia Z2.  I found it at

Few things that impressed me with this phone:

1. 4K readiness
2. Camera Quality and Ease of Use
3. Battery Capacity
4. Waterproof and Dust Proof capability

As a father of two young kids at home, I often feel a need of robust device which can be shared in their smaller hands without worrying about water, dust or fall.

I managed to grab my phone on 6th April 2014 at Starhub – there was no stock but I managed to tap on to my registration done on my wife’s account. So – all good. I got my coupon for Sony Smart Band (which is a big plus). Since using this phone for last 24 hours, I must admit I am enjoying this device and thoroughly in love with the phone. Again by no means I am comparing the phones in this article or endorsing any brands, my decision is based on some practical aspects based on availability, daily usage, price plans and finally experience with other brands.

One more thing I noticed is that it is hard to get the screen protector for Xperia Z2 and after searching in few shops, I managed to find it at X-Gears (3rd Floor Compass Points Sengkang). I purchased a front screen protector and to my surprise the shopkeeper customized a backcover in front of me. I must admit it was an artwork to see her craft the backcover.

I hope this information will be useful for some of you and you can make a better decision while spending a bulk of amount of your hard earned money on phones.


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