Manifesto for Sustainable Agile

Manifesto for Sustainable Agile

COVID-19 is proving to be a turning point in history. The changes introduced by this crisis are extraordinary and fundamentally...

Good to Great with DevOps

Good to Great with DevOps

DevOps is continuously evolving. Ever since the term was coined in 2009, the state of DevOps evolved exponentially year on...

Want to transform fast? Stop doing all transformations in one go.

Want to transform fast? Stop doing all transformations in one go.

In today’s super VUCA world, enterprises are facing a mandate to transform in order to meet the ever changing needs...

Sprint Progress

Sprint Report – Good or Bad

Sprint report is a practical tool for Scrum Master to provide visibility to stakeholders and extended teams outside the scrum team.

Leadership for Banks of Future

Banks of future might not look like what they are today. When you hear the term “bank”, the visual that...

Multi Speed IT

Multi-Speed IT Environment – Lessons from field

In majority of phased enterprise agile transformation programs, Multi-speed IT is unavoidable. When I say Multi-speed IT, I refer to...

Pillars of DevOps

Win Your DevOps Conversation with Business Leaders

In today’s world, every business is driven by software. We are living in an era where technology drives behaviors, decisions...

DevOps Pilot to Enterprise

Scaling DevOps – take a holistic approach to drive business value

Different People understand DevOps differently. In majority of cases people focus only on Tools and believe DevOps is all about tools. Few people start with processes related to software engineering or technical excellence and try to over-engineer them. Very few people holistically understand what DevOps means and how DevOps can help business value delivery. Don’t get me wrong here - It’s okay to start with tools or process focus, however that’s not what DevOps is all about.

Top 3 Agile Transformation Challenges or Blockers

Introduction Agile needs no introduction in today’s world. The term gets used more often than ‘computer’ in business context. Organizations...