CareerFruits – A Good Initiative

I came across this good website, which provides free education on technical subjects, management subjects, career guidance, theory subjects for class X to XII. Watch out this site for more….

A snippet from CareerFruits website blog.

"I intend to write this blog to highlight how one should get benefited from the home computer. Home PC is one of the most common things in today’s world. I see that people use PCs just to create word docs, ppts or may be for some accounting software. The rest of the time goes on Internet searching for things. Most parents think that computer will empower their Kids to learn better and do good in their studies. This is not always true. Kids are spending most of their time with Social Networking Sites like Orkut and Facebook – in competition to get more scraps to each other. This kills the time like anything.

We have started CareerFruits in the motive of providing quality education at the finger tips of a PC user. We want you to realize that time is not going to come again. Whatever you spent, its gone. So think carefully and use the resources to shape your future. We invite you all to join our efforts and get benefited from what we have. Provide suggestions and help us get better everyday. Ask your kids to join our classes, get help from our experts and do whatever it takes to get a good career, good marks, good grades in exams."

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