Business Ideas for 2009

Leaders are certainly facing among the most challenging business environments in recent years. With grim economic news constantly in the spotlight, executives need to focus on areas in which they can make a meaningful impact and make 2009 a year of overcoming the challenges they face within their organizations — regardless of the economic climate.

The editors at The Harvard Business Review have released their annual list of breakthrough business ideas for 2009. In addition to the economy, the list addresses other topics of importance to senior leaders, from strategic decision-making to talent acquisition and retention.

Each of the 20 ideas mentioned is explored further in a separate article. For instance, The Dynamics of Personal Influence dispels the value of “six degrees of separation,” claiming that a person’s influence is reduced as degrees of separation increase. Another article, Harnessing Social Pressure, examines the effects of peer influence on behavior. If you’re looking for a new idea to tackle this year, this list offers plenty of options.

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