Big Companies… Small Companies…

With the boom in market, people are getting better offers. Companies offerring good packages. I feel IT industry returned to its golden phase again. Some of the points that I feel are worth stating here about the current scenario. I feel if you are more concerned about the work, its the small companies who are best fit.

The magic of BIG Brand Names:

For the name sake you can join a Big company and many a times you feel , you are doing something which were never told to you. On the promotion part, you will see a 90 degree ladder with tons of levels. When you will get your annual review, you will feel, you will better leave the job. Your rewards are nowhere matching what you did whole the year. You will try to figure out , in what sense my long working hrs, customer shouts, unwanted team meetings and thousnad of mails are paid off. Since, the company size is so big, individual focus will not be there. Such jobs are good for nothing. Once you are in to a big Org, its hard to shift your job in a shorter period becuase of its brand name. You will be asked so many questions on “Why are leaving such a big company?” ” What you are looking for Now?” etc.
Its the magic of the Big Name(Brand Name).

Small is Good.
Becuase the heirarchy is very limited. You can get promoted once you proove yourself. You will be well recognized and your efforts are counted. You are more visible in the ORG.

So in short, be careful before joining a company. Don’t join a brand just becuase you are very facinated about its name or working there. It will cost you a lot. Try to Join a environment which can give you satisfaction and recognition for what you are worth.

This openion is sole as is. I came across various people during my career and based on the discussions, I could conclude this.

Don’t take it lightly,

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