Being Organized : How much it would cost you

Organized means “A Place for everything and everything has a place”. A lot has been already told on this subject by different field experts. I had been to a productivity training which talks about how to be more productive? How to manage your time? How to change yourself to say No to the things which are not part of your goal?

The training was so good. I thought of applying my learnings in a better way to my work. I am happy that I followed the process strictly becuase I have the belief in the process. It is very important. The first thing I did is fixed my working hours. No matter whatever comes, I need to give time for myself. I need to find time for what I like, my hobbies and my important tasks.

We all work for earning our livelyhood. It should be limited to that. It should not take our lives. One should be very much aware of the fact that there are so many thing that one has to do along with doing the job. Job can get you money or respect in your organization. You have your family which you need to support. You family should be your strength not weakness. So many low thinkers say I need to support my family. I have so many dependencies and so on. My suggestion to this would be look outside of your job man. The world is not enough. There is so much to do and you can get a job anywhere in the world provided you are capable. In order to be capable, you need to have expertise or commitment towards the work you want to do.

Here are some of the ways that I followed (May be useful for you as well)

1. Organize your important documents in a folder ( like Tax Receipts / Company Offer Letters / Releiveing letters / VISA Docs/  Passports etc)

2. Organize your tasks ( Plan time for everything and stick to it)

3. Don’t shift your task because some email has come with some subject line of Urgent. 

After your working hours don’t accept any call from your work team. Tell them clearly that “Consider me dead after … PM “. People will accept you. Stop people from interrupting your work.

See the visible changes.

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