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Last week, I was attending “Windows Internals” class. The class was fantastic. Instructure was so knowledgeable that he answered almost each of the questions. Its like going back to the days from where I had started. I still remember the starting days of my college when I used to read and code in C. For me everything used to start with C and end with C. One of the C masters, I used to interact on a daily basis was Ashish Jain – My best friend and Guru. He helped me a lot in learning C. When I got selected in my Campus Recruitment in Legato Systems, people recognized me as a C master. Those days are unforgattable. The kind of respect I got from people was remarkable.

After spending almost 5 years in Application programming, I just thought of doing something on Systems side and things came to my way to give me the freedom to do so. I have learned a lot from this class. Also I refreshed kernel debugging and User Mode debugging.

I look forward to use all this knowledge to use at work really soon. Just to add, you should never forget your roots in life as well as in programming.

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