Are you a Super-Star?

I’m sure everyone of us know what a Super-Star is. A Super-Star is one who touches the heart of the audience with his delivery and acting. Do you think it is only he/she who deserves the accolades? One becomes Super-Star because of the team, other supporting actors and the entire unit who works on the production part. In a way everyone related to the outcome deserve the recognition and accolades.

This is as true for any other industry as the movie /cinema industry. When we identify a Super-Star, we should also identify the team who made this Super-Star. It’s all team work. No matter whether the person is an Individual Contributor or a People Manager. Can you imagine a movie where only the Super-Star is capturing the complete movie without any co-actors? Would you like to watch such movie?

My answer is “NO”. The contribution from everyone in the project is unmatched with any other person. If someone overshadows other people and get into the fame of “Super-Star”, it means the others are not upto the mark. A team can become great only when everyone in the team aspire to become a “Super-Star” and work in that capacity. Every team member should be so qualified to become a Super-Start that the decision maker should get into trouble when deciding who will win or how many we should give?

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