Agile Transformation Journey

Achieving business agility involves organisational and cultural change

Successfully adopting Agile into your organization requires far more than just installing a software development methodology; it is an organisational change involving structure, communication, and culture that will touch product management, the PMO, finance, and the entire business.

Proposed Approach – IEAA

Sprint Progress
Transformation is not linear!

Go Agile fast and safe with enterprise expertise of learnings and successes of over a decade. The proposed approach has been time tasted through multiple engagements and clients.


Discover questions, issues, and what needs to change via pilot teams. Identify the candidate – both from business and projects.


Launch Agile Team and empower them through Agile trainings supported with internal coaching, infrastructure and collaboration.


Deliver outcome and adopt what works – within internal team and external team. Highlight areas where tweaks are required.


Accelerate Agile Adoption for other projects and teams using the pilot project as role model. Start and keep continuous learning and Continuous Improvement.

Coaching and Scaling:

Develop a shared view of the current state, including understanding where existing practices and mindsets are already producing results. Build consensus on a set of goals and bottom-line results for the organization, including measures.Co-create a plan to iteratively and incrementally move the organization to reach those goals including plans for coaching, training, and tooling support. Form and coach a Transformation Team operating as cross-functional Agile team to manage a backlog of organisational change activities, remove roadblocks, and guide the organization’s efforts. Inspect and adapt your Agile transformation plan on a regular cadence, incorporating new learnings about how Agile works in your organization. Build your internal coaching capabilities through ongoing Agile mentoring with people in your organization.

Share you Agile Transformation Story

As I pointed out above, I have been able to successfully adapt to the IEAA framework for Agile Transformations at various clients. I would be keen to hear from you, what worked for you and what would be an area that you are still puzzled with. Do reply in comments.