The DevOps Strategy Canvas is a framework to help you maximise your business outcomes while addressing the needs of your DevOps journey.

Despite wider adoption of DevOps in enterprises, DevOps strategy rarely gets discussed. Too often DevOps is considered a tooling topic relevant only to IT. The larger vision, business outcome etc. are rarely discussed.

In my experience running DevOps engagements across large and small companies, I have come to conclusion that without a proper DevOps strategy, business outcomes would fall far from desired.

The goal of this article is to provide enterprises, large and small, with a tool for creating a shared vision and unlocking the promise of DevOps. The tool I have created based on my 11 years of research and learning of DevOps in different roles and different regions. It’s called DevOps Strategy Canvas – Accelerating Business Outcome (V1). I would keep on iterating the canvas based on feedback and learning ongoing.

Image – DevOps Strategy Canvas by Sandeep Joshi

In next blog posts, I would write step by step blog posts to explain the Canvas and how we can use it to ensure alignment across other transformation initiatives.

PS: If you need a PDF version of the DevOps Strategy Canvas, please reach out to me at

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