Dreams… Dreams… Dreams… & More Dreams….

This is something that I do most of the times. I dream big & I do it always. To dream big, you need courage. Not everyone can dream big. Dreaming comes from the root. The root is your education and your surrounding friends. It comes from the way you learnt the lessions of life.

In my college days, when I was studying as a Computer Science scholer, my teachers used to teach & guide us to get more sharper with subjects, learn new technologies and get a good job. There was no concept of being independant. Our education system always taught us to get a good job. Our society (including parents,relatives,friends etc) always insist to have a good job with a good company. Although they were correct, I never agreed to being an employee.

Fortunately, my friends( Gang of Five ) used to think in the same direction. We never wanted to be an employee. We always thought of being enterprenuer. We had ideas but no money. We had vision but no execution. We had courage to dream but not to sustain. That is where we failed. We would have done better if we could have figured out how to execute the ideas and build a business around it?

Anyway, We all know our failures but also we are proud to be successful in fulfilling the expectations of our families. We all are at a good position and doing well. We are ahead of most of our classmates and even seniors. And I think that is because we always dream big.

In my openion, if you dream about a car; you may be able to get a bike. If you dream about a mercedez, you may able to get a santro/zen. While dreaming you don’t consider risks and that is the way it should be. You should dream without any fear or any constraints. And then only you will be able to grab something of everything that you dream of.

Dream big friends… Have a great time ahead.

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Sandeep Joshi
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An accomplished agile leader with a successful track record for building high growth engineering organizations, transforming traditional teams to be agile and scaling operations.

A change leader with rich experience in defining enterprise vision, strategy in alignment with business roadmap, articulating to ā€œCā€ level executives, and taking charge for end to end delivery (inception to design to deploy and support).

Known for delivery excellence, product focus and technical leadership. An enterprise products guy who enjoys putting disruptive technology and tools to transform legacy teams.


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