Networking – what does it mean?

The word “networking” is undoubtedly overused. Every interaction — face-to-face or virtual — is considered networking; every online community is a network; every meeting is a networking event. But think of networking as more than a cliché or all-purpose panacea. The very heart of networking is relationship building, and the investment you make in developing … Read moreNetworking – what does it mean?

Microsoft Virtual TechDays: Have you registered yet?

Keynote by Steve Riley‘First they came for bandwidth, now they want to make a difference’ Steve Riley is a senior strategist and worldwide security evangelist in Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing Group. Steve specializes in the process of information security, including policies, networks, and hosts. Steve is a frequent and popular speaker at conferences worldwide, working to … Read moreMicrosoft Virtual TechDays: Have you registered yet?